The International Reunion will take place at Tildonk on Saturday 23rd - Sunday 24th June 2018

Emergency contact: Nicky Allen, 0780 374 0317.

Information for people being picked up in Brussels

Please meet the Veronica Cars small 22 seater coach at the Rue de France exit in Brussels.  Pick up time is 12.40pm which should allow plenty of time, as you are due to arrive in Brussels at 12.08pm.

The exit will be marked "Rue de France" sortie inside the train station.  It is on the same parking area as the OUIbus pick up point.  Veronica Cars should have a sign saying TOGS for you to look for (but don't bank on it).

Please find below a sheet showing the area outside of the station where you should pick up the coach.

Here is a list of the names who are going to be on the Eurostar so you can look out for each other:

Transfers from Leuven/Tildonk/Leuven.

There will be two pick up points for all journeys taking you to/from Tildonk.

Pick up point 1 is outside the Ibis Centrum Hotel, Brusselsestraat 52, for those staying at Ibis Centrum and Martin Kloosters.  The coach can't get down the small streets outside Martin Kloosters, therefore it is a 3 minute walk to the Ibis Centrum.

Pick up point 2 is outside the Ibis Budget Hotel, Martelarenlaan 10, for those staying at Ibis Budget and Hotel Mille Colonnes.

Anne Muirwell with be "prefect" with lists for each journey to make sure everyone is on the coach.  If you need to contact Anne regarding the bus journeys, her mobile is 0781 778 0201.

Please do not be late for any of the coach journeys as the coach company will charge us if you are more than 15 minutes late.

Pick-up Times


Leuven-Tildonk - Saturday pick up times:
Pick up point 1:  12:35pm
Pick up point 2:  12:45pm

Return to Leuven:  4:45pm


Leuven-Tildonk - Sunday pick up times:
Pick up point 1:  9:35pm
Pick up point 2:  9:45pm

Return to Leuven: 4:00pm
Return to Brussels: 4:00pm


Saturday International Reunion Schedule
13:30 Welcome and check in (sign for badge/chocolate/food ticket)
13:40 Food/Drink/photo fun followed by wandering around the convent and grounds
16:10 Planting of "TOGS" tree by the mayor in playground area - with press
16:30 Cutting of 200 year celebration cake
16:45 Leave for Leuven

Sunday Village Celebration Day
09:30 Mass in Parish Church - if you want to attend you will have to make your own way!
11:00 Historical procession through centre of village - to include TOGS
12:00 Reception/Speeches
13:00 Fancy Fair (Brueghel's feast), tour with old wagons, folk games, folk dancing, further opportunity of having a guided tour of the convent!
16:00 Leave for Leuven/Brussels

Ordering International Reunion Tickets

To order your International Reunion ticket, please download this PDF document.  Full details of the weekend and payment instructions are detailed in the document.

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